Solid shampoo

We know that solid shampoo is ecological due to the absence of the use of plastic bottles. Natural agents also help reduce pollution of waterways. However, some are apprehensive about its use.

Why use a natural solid shampoo?

Because you have to change your lifestyle. But you should know that in addition to being eco-friendly, they are compact for transport, made to be long-lasting and to foam well. They fulfill their mandate as effectively if not more than their liquid ancestors. In addition, the solid formula allows the use of plants, oils and clays which contribute to good health and good cleaning of the hair.

How to use solid shampoo?

It is used like soap: pass the bar directly through damp hair. Create a lather by massaging the scalp. It is possible to repeat if necessary.

What are the benefits of using this shampoo?

Does it make hair straw? No. If your hair is dry after use, the shampoo is not suitable for your hair type. Choose one that is more hydrating and gentle.

Does it foam? Yes. The natural surfactants contained in the shampoo are made to lather abundantly.

What is it made of? It is normally composed of natural foaming agents, clay to increase cleaning capacity, vegetable oil to nourish the hair and plants to provide vitamins.

How to store it? Store it on a breathable support such as a soap dish. It should not be stored in a closed container until it is completely dry. Let it air dry between washes in a dry place.