humans behind objects.

Stoi [vb. Bulgarian - сtой] means to stop.

Founded in 2015, then officially became Maison Stoï in 2018, the studio was born on the slow living principles through ceramic objects and natural cosmetics. Going against the tide of industrialization and hyper-lucrativity, we promote objects humanization by making everything entirely by hand, while maintaining its accessibility. Timeless objects, humility, design and minimalism.       


Orlin Stoyanov originate from Bulgaria and his intention is first to create shapes, then leave room for intuition and fluidity of gesture. He advocates minimalist and practical forms at the same time. He get inspired by Japanese art and specializes in plates. He has been practicing ceramics since 2010.


Noure-Eddine Djoudja graduated from Fine Arts School in Algeria. He specializes in sculpture, throwing and glazes. In his creations, he draws organic forms, harmony, ergonomics and utility. In his professional career, he notably worked for Bruno Latorre and Louise Bousquet. He has been practicing ceramics for around thirty years.


After studying biology in 2007 then design in 2012, Christine joined the team for the natural cosmetics section, as well as the environmental and design aspects. She specializes in product development and glazes.