Origin & Mission


Maison Stoï is a Quebec company that produces ceramics and natural cosmetics from an artistic and transparent perspective. The common thread being clay, the philosophy supports a return to the earth and its benefits.


The cosmetics division was founded by a former biologist who worked for environmentalists and doctors in plant ecology. After a hectic journey, she had to stop and think about how to integrate respect for the environment into our everyday lives. “ It was in 2012 that I had a revelation. On my return to design studies, I met a woman who had such beautiful skin that I asked her her secret. She answered me: rosehip oil. I knew nothing about natural products. Little by little, I became interested in pure and organic ingredients, I developed a taste for treating my skin and hair with quality products and I began to appreciate these well-being rituals that I indulged in. myself. I saw all the benefits on myself, but also on my work and my appearance. So I wanted to share it and offer a product that sums up my journey and my philosophy of life .”

The workshop is therefore guided by two ultimate goals:

1. Reduce water and soil pollution

Some ingredients may be non-biodegradable and may harm flora and fauna. Even if a molecule is natural, it can still affect the balance and health of ecosystems. It may also have been transformed with polluting and harmful complexes. The goal is to study each component (its origin, its transformation, its impact) in order to ensure that each of them is healthy and unbalances environmental dynamics as little as possible.

2. Take care of yourself

We are all caught up in stressful, fast-paced and competitive lifestyles. The reflex is to cut back on the time we can give to ourselves. We forget that taking care of ourselves means enjoying the little pleasures that make us feel good. However, these moments of downtime are essential because they are in a way a gift that we give to ourselves by encouraging us to better appreciate the present moment. It is for this reason that in each product there is an aromatic, therapeutic or beneficial intention to transform this moment of break into a ritual of relaxation and gratitude.

These two objectives take on more and more meaning as respect, deindustrialization and well-being become part of a modern rhythm of life.


The workshop is committed to offering a product that is non-toxic for health and the environment, without artificial fragrance or coloring, without toxic preservatives, without petrochemicals and without plastic packaging or other synthetic derivatives. The philosophy supports a healthy lifestyle and a respect for the consumer and for what nature has to offer us.

Watch for icons on products to know if the product is vegan and if its container is compostable, recyclable or reusable.

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