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Sophisticated home fragrances that can also be used as a pillow mist, personal perfume and fabric freshener (e.g. sheets, sports bag, yoga mat).

POMELO Invigorating and energizing, Pomelo is a blend of white grapefruit, orange peel and citrus. Slightly enhanced by jasmine and pineapple, it is a luminous hybrid between citrus and tropical flower.

SANTAL Opening with leather, Santal is a rich blend of wood, cardamome and amber. Complex and unisex, its fragrance ends with orchids and musk. Warm and comforting, it is greatly appreciated for its unique notes which inspire well-being.

BOUQUET Specifically designed for relaxation. Bouquet is a symbiosis between eucalyptus and true lavender, with fresh notes of sage, marjoram, cedar and mint. Perfect for creating a spa-like environment at home. Made with essential oils.

HINOKI A wild perfume made with cedar and resins, Hinoki presents itself with green and woody notes, deep and green. Aroma balanced by rosemary, vetiver and oud tones, its base is mixed with spices and patchouli. Honoki invites meditation, grounding and rejuvenation. Made with essential oils.

Information :

  • 120ml - 4 fl oz
  • Ingredients: Alcohol, essential oils, fragrance, Polysorbate 80

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Serge Lebrun
Nice Japanese Cypress

I've been searching for a nice Japanese Cypress spray for a while. This is one of the first ones I find that really smells nice and fresh. Worth the price, very satisfied.



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